MDF is one of the most popular types of wood fibre boards, made of very fine pressed wood fibre. In this material the wood particles are bound together with lignin and paraffin, which makes the MDF a very ecological material.
Since MDF is very soft, it can be handled comparatively delicately and in various profiles, it is actively used with good results by professional construction workers, designers, craftsmen, as well as by any “amateur”.
This material possesses the qualities of wood – when it is painted or veneered with natural sliced veneer lath, even looking at it from the surface, it can be perceived as natural wood. Painted laths made of MDF are straight, smooth, retain their shape well (a 12 mm lath does not bend when stored long-term in a stand, it is not fragile and even when breaking it, it does not tear by fibre like wood), retains the specific features of the chosen profile (cannot be easily damaged mechanically – through ordinary use, handling, transporting, storing). Therefore, they can hardly be distinguished from natural material, yet, from the point of view of costs, this material is cheaper and serves for a long enough time.
The basic offer includes white painted and veneered laths with half-matt lacquering. MDF laths can be painted in the tone requested by the customer, by adding the selected tone from the colour system (for example: RAL) to the base colour. The customer can order veneered laths with both glossy and matt lacquer, also by adding the selected tone from the colour system. Therefore, we obtain laths in colour, which is matched with particular interior materials or with design of the arrangement of the entire room.

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