The company was established on August 29, 2012. Although we were established not long ago, by separating production of decorative laths from the previous company as an independent entity of economic activity, and are legally very young, the Latvian consumers recognise and buy our products already since 2005. Majority of the company’s employees currently are the ones who made our first produced laths and moved them in the Latvian market.


The company’s main product is:
Painted decorative laths made of MDF (medium density fibreboards),
Veneered decorative laths made of MDF with natural or artificial veneering.

The second chosen direction of our economic activity is rendering of qualified accountancy services (the accountant has the fifth professional qualification level, diploma of the International Association of Book-keepers (IAB), experience in work with timber products, accounting of government institutions).


Our strategy is to place high-quality goods in Latvian stores within the required time and amount, also in small batches of individual items of goods, depending on the order made by the trader of the goods within the planned schedule, the agreed project deliveries, or individual “quick” orders. Our customers are trading enterprises, which work with the end-consumer of our product, request the necessary amount of goods, are the first ones to know the wishes of consumers and submit information to us – the producers.


To promote the sale of our products in trade places of the cooperation partners of SIA “IM Plus”, we would like to offer to use the options of our website in communication of the traders of our products with the potential customer. We hope that information about the basic offer of our goods presented in a simple and demonstrative manner, comprising the profile, description of sizes, technical drawing and visual image, will facilitate the process of completing an order for representatives of sellers of our products, by selecting the necessary assortment of goods from the overall basic offer both for regular deliveries and for special orders. A telephone number and e-mail address is given here in order to send or update information.


Our objective and duty is to ensure high-quality development of the required product, its production and delivery in the required amount and in line with the schedule, for a price, which is balanced with the contributed high-quality materials, invested work and the purchasing capacity of the end-consumer of our goods.


We love our job and respect our partners – both representatives of the largest Latvian retail networks and all storekeepers of towns or villages who choose to place the goods of us – Latvian producer – in their stores.

The company is situated in the very geographical centre of Latvia – Madliena civil parish, Ogre region. We deliver our goods to stores in all regions of Latvia.


Inese Melne
Tel.: +371  29134139
Tel/fax: +371  65039534
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